Intern Operations department

For our Operations department we are looking for an:

Intern (32-40 hrs)
Location: Rijswijk, the Netherlands

Purpose of the job

Euro Pool System utilizes a variety of machinery in the handling and processing of trays and pallets in depots. The requirements for these machineries are listed in the Program Of Demands (POD), drawn up and maintained by the technical department.

The current POD will have to be updated, standardised and made future proof. Future proof means that all applicable norms are taken into account to better manage OPEX/CAPEX, sustainable goals, etc. Furthermore, it should include a clear acceptance list between customer and supplier. The intern will assess and judge the current existing PODs for different machinery.
All existing POD’s need to be standardised and gaps in the existing POD should be identified and solved. If there are any machinery not yet covered by the existing POD’s, that POD should also be set up together with the engineering department.
Within the assignment it is possible to optimise or redesign the current existing POD into another setup altogether.
Additionally procedures should be set up in order to keep the POD up to date with the latest requirements and machinery. The procedure should also cover the expansion of the POD in case of new types of machinery are added to depots.

What we are looking for in the perfect candidate:

  • You are studying Logistics, Economics or another relevant bachelors education
  • You can speak and write fluent Dutch and English
  • You are accurate and solution oriented
  • You can work independent and are flexible regarding office hours and work location
  • A pro-active attitude is also required, together with communication skills

The duration of your internship must be at least four months and you can start as soon as possible.

For further information about this vacancy please contact the Human Resources Department; Nalynie Biekhram via email
All applications will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.