Euro Pool System and Cora France optimise their partnership, from the producer to the consumer

Cora has been drawing on the expertise of Euro Pool System since 2012 as part of the standardisation of packaging in the fruit and vegetables sector, with the aim to optimise logistic flows and to preserve the quality of product transported to stores.

Reduction of CO2 emissions and sustainable development of the supply chain of fresh produce at Cora France

The main objectives of the partnership between Cora France and Euro Pool System in 2012 were to reduce CO2 emissions and to make the fruit and vegetable supply chain more sustainable. Four years after the implementation of a delivery solution in reusable trays in Cora stores, Euro Pool System can confirm a significant saving in CO2 emissions representing a CO2 reduction of 2,813,471 kg, some 49.7% less compared to a single-use packaging solution according to the CO2 Calculator developed by the SIM Institute (Stiftung Initiative Mehrweg).

"Cora stores have been taking action in sustainable development for many years in their local environment. With Euro Pool System, we have developed a reusable packaging solution contributing to the reduction of cardboard box waste at store level", confirms Dominique Deroff, Logistics Manager at Cora.

Patrice Jorge, Director of Euro Pool System France stresses that "the folding trays selected by Cora France have a life expectancy of 10 years and are much more durable than disposable wooden or cardboard packaging. Furthermore, we recycle 100% of our packaging at end-of-life. Beyond the packaging itself, the logistics solutions we offer also enable the process of fresh product procurement to be more ecological. By optimising returns transport and contributing to the improvement of truck utilisation ratios (a reduction in volume of up to 86%), we are helping Cora to reduce costs across the whole supply chain.”

Reduction of the losses incurred by using suitable and resistant packaging

Further benefits of using returnable packaging involves the protection of transported products, as the plastic trays significantly contribute to the reduction in the damage rate to fresh products in the supply chain, compared to using cardboard packaging. The different Euro Pool System containers of varying sizes (8 sizes in total) are stackable and locate onto each other when stacked, which simplifies the palletisation process and ensures the optimum pallet configuration during the transit of products to stores.  "Therefore our customer’s fruit and vegetables are not damaged by possible crushing when being handled or delivered to stores. Consumers can benefit from quality products and Cora from reduced product loss” says Dominique Deroff.

The Stiftung Initiative Mehrweg (SIM) study confirms these findings. About 4% of single-use packaging is damaged during delivery to the consumer. This rate is reduced to 0.1% for Euro Pool System reusable packaging.

The use of Euro Pool System plastic packaging within the Cora business makes the fruit and vegetable offer more attractive and more secure for both staff (stability of the packaging on display stands, ergonomics and reduction in handling, reduction of MSD) and the consumer (aisles are clear of waste cardboard packaging, trays or crates and food waste).

A strong link between the producer and the Cora brand

Cora remains committed to maintaining a strong trading relationship with all local and national producers. Dominique Deroff says “in collaboration with our central purchasing and Euro Pool System we set up a system that is simple, flexible and adapted to local cells in order to guarantee freshness and constant product rotation to consumers.

Euro Pool System teams are in constant contact with producers in order to best meet their demands and the specific market requirements, for example products with high demand over a very short time period (peaches or apricots). Euro Pool System must therefore be able to ensure high quality service with our regular customers throughout the year, but also to respond quickly to deliver packaging requirements of seasonal vendors alike.”

This collaboration between all the participants in the Supply Chain (producers, Cora and Euro Pool System) allows for the development of a sustainable and qualitative approach from delivery to the presentation of fruit and vegetables to consumers.