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Aldi UK signs long term agreement with Euro Pool System on returnable packaging equipment

Maurice Wehrmeijer published on 6 September 2022

Aldi UK signs long term agreement with Euro Pool System

Britain’s fifth-largest supermarket, Aldi, has signed a long-term agreement on returnable packaging equipment with Euro Pool System.  

Euro Pool System (EPS), a leading logistics company supplying reusable packaging in the European fresh supply chain, is delighted to expand their working relationship with Aldi UK as a customer and reach across the entirety of their meat and produce supply chain. EPS provides services to European growers of fresh products and their retail partners with a focus on sustainability and circularity. 

By choosing Euro Pool System as a logistics partner, Aldi UK shows a strong commitment towards sustainability, improving upon an environmentally responsible network and virtually eliminating single-use materials such as cardboard within their supply chain, as well as reducing waste through circularity of use. 

With an expansive portfolio of innovative folding tray products, EPS offers Aldi UK a crate suitable for any size of item, minimising empty space in deliveries and reducing trucks on the road. Combined with best-in-class automation and use of cutting-edge technologies, EPS also deliver cost savings for the logistics network as a whole to Aldi UK, allowing them to continue to deliver the best possible prices for their customers.  

Dirk Vercammen, Director of EPS Region West commented: ‘By sharing the benefits of our reusable packaging solutions with Aldi UK we are together contributing to the transition towards a circular economy. We are happy to service Aldi UK’s suppliers with our advanced logistics solutions and meet the growth requirements for the business in the UK.’ 

Luke Peech, Managing Director of Supply Chain Management at Aldi UK, commented: “We are pleased to be extending our partnership with Euro Pool Systems, which will see us further simplify our operations while also helping us work towards becoming a more sustainable retailer by reducing our road miles and minimizing waste.” 

About ALDI

Aldi is Britain’s fifth  largest supermarket with more than 970 stores and around 38,000 colleagues. The supermarket believes in making everyday amazing and delivering the best possible value for millions of families throughout the UK and Ireland.  That’s why Aldi has been named as the UK’s Cheapest Supermarket for 2021 by consumer champion Which?. Aldi consistently racks up award after award for quality, treats its suppliers and employees with fairness and respect and recognizes the responsibility of supporting valued institutions such as Team GB and Paralympics GB to demonstrate the importance of health and wellness. Aldi makes the everyday amazing. But amazing doesn’t happen overnight, which is why Aldi is making changes to be better every single day – to be fairer, greener and healthier for customers, society and the environment. What’s the reason they do this? Because Aldi believes that everyone should have access to fresh, healthy, affordable food. It’s a right, not a privilege. 

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