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Nearly 30 years of reusable packaging: strengthening the circular economy with Euro Pool Group

Annemieke van der Heijde published on 4 May 2021

Twenty per cent less CO2 emissions per rotation in 2025. This goal has been set by Euro Pool Group, Europe's largest logistics service provider. It fits in with the tradition of the pool organisation, which with its reusable packaging has been contributing already for nearly 30 years to strengthening the circular economy.

This circular economy offers a solution for global challenges such as scarcity of resources and the impact of waste and climate change. The products and services of Euro Pool Group, of which Euro Pool System and LPR are part, provide the immediate response to this. This is because reusable packaging and pallets reduce CO2 emissions in the fresh food chain, last for years and are recycled 100%. Yet it does not stop there for Euro Pool Group. The ambitious goal of 20% less CO2 emissions in 2025 as compared to 2017 testifies to this. This policy is in line with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), formulated by the United Nations.

How to achieve 20% less CO2 emissions in 2025

In the CSR report "Together towards a circular economy", Euro Pool Group indicates how it intends to achieve this goal. Euro Pool System does this by, among other things, making transport more sustainable: optimising transporting logistics and employing trains instead of trucks for transport. Another important focus area is energy efficiency, especially related to the washing and drying process of the trays.  LPR aims to produce 100% PEFC-certified wood by 2025. LPR has also signed an agreement for the reforestation of fifteen hectares per year together with the "Plantons pour l'avenir" association in France.  

Together towards a circular economy 

EPS’s reusable folding trays, logistics services and efficient use of resources help companies achieve their sustainability goals. By working together we hope to achieve our goal to reduce our carbon footprint with 20% per movement in 2025, compared to 2017. Download our full sustainability report for free.

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