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Euro Pool Group launches Sustainability Report 2021

Maurice Wehrmeijer published on 11 July 2022

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In 2021 we have made steps towards reaching our goal of a 20% carbon footprint reduction by 2025. The successful implementation of Project Cyan – the transition of rigid blue trays to a new generation of green folding trays – has had an enormous impact on transport movements and CO2 reduction. Other examples of how Euro Pool Group and partners have made huge steps in the reduction of CO2 can be found in the new sustainability report - read it here!

Despite the challenges in relation to Covid-19 and the new rules governing EU-UK trade, 2021 was another year in which Euro Pool Group witnessed significant growth, with our network expanding even further. We are proud of the enormous dedication of our employees in achieving these results.

Read about our ongoing mission in our interactive sustainability report and discover how we are not only able to support our customers in reducing their carbon footprint but also in moving together towards a more circular economy. No download needed.

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sustainability report 2021

Accelerating our impact

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