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Reducing food waste with smart trays

Maurice Wehrmeijer published on 23 August 2022

Reducing food waste with smart trays

Every day millions of our trays filled with fresh food flow between growers, processors and retailers all over Europe. Users scan the trays on their journey, and we store these data in our cloud platform where we provide users with valuable data. Our ‘smart trays’ are a further step to help reducing food waste.

This is very important given the shocking statistics on global food waste which is estimated by the UN at 931 million tonnes in 2019, accounting for 8 to 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Especially in the European Week for Waste Reduction, Euro Pool Systems expresses its ambition to support retailers in the battle against food waste.

Powerful information

“Our smart tray consists of a tracker and a sensor which monitors movement, position and temperature”, explains Michiel van den Berge, Manager Digital Innovations at Euro Pool Systems. “Via this data our customers can monitor the temperature of the tray and its content on its journey through the supply chain. We disclose this powerful information via dashboards that help users in managing quality and detecting weak points in the cold chain."

Leveraging our positive impact

Further developments are smart algorithms to connect temperature data to quality measurement. According to Michiel this is future innovation, while currently Euro Pool System focuses on testing and developing smart trays especially for use in the first stages of the supply chain. “Growers and traders are keen on logistic monitoring to ensure the quality when fresh produce arrives at the retailers’ warehouses and stores”, he says. “As Euro Pool Systems works throughout Europe, we intend to leverage our positive impact internationally to prevent food waste.”

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