Meet our people

Nicole Cordier
Asset manager

My job is anything but boring. I can rarely predict how the day is going to unfold. I’m the head of my team and support five people in the field. I try to make their job easier by making the conditions in which they work as pleasant as possible. Read more...

Molina Alvaro
Country Manager
United Kingdom

I needed a new challenge, and I told everyone about it. Then last year, an opportunity came up at Euro Pool System. I accepted immediately. I worked at LPR in Spain for 16 years, so it’s nice to be familiar with the inner workings of both companies. Read more...

Marie Vesela
Regional HR coordinator (Central East Region)
Czech Republic

This is my first real job, and it feels very comfortable. I could already sense during my interview that the people here were nice. But one of my main reasons for wanting to work here was that what the company does matters to the environment. Read more...

Pedro Jose Hernandez Aliaga
Overseas country manager

My work involves lots of international travel. I must have visited over 20 countries since I joined the company six years ago. And they’re mostly places outside Europe: South America, Africa, Asia. Read more...

Robbert Mol
Supply chain analyst
the Netherlands

Incredible! That was my first impression of Euro Pool System. I’ve got a master’s in supply chain management and this is my first real job. Read more...

Anne de Middelaer
SHEQ coordinator
Euro Pool System

You either have the health and safety bug or you don’t. And I do. I know things like working conditions, the environment and quality standards are abstract ideas to most of my colleagues. Read more