EPS challenge expands all over Europe

In December 2014 a what’s app group of 4 Spanish sportsman decide to create a sports game for their colleagues to inspire them to sport activities.

What started as a local initiative of Bartolomé Saro and Juan Pablo Ducos de Launou from EPS Span, has now inspired the entire EuroPool  Group! 193 colleagues in 11 countries participate in this sporty challenge!

Well over 190 colleagues in 11 countries are now joining Bartolomé and Juan Pablo in their enthusiasm for running, cycling, walking or swimming.

A self created monitoring system and the commitment of the participants to fill out their sporty achievements even lead to a special Facebook page.

Curious? You can easily become a member to sign via Facebook  in and get in shape!

With all these sporty miles the EPS challenge wants to contribute to a good