Euro Pool Group donates € 40,000 to Terre des Hommes

Rijswijk, 28 June – Whether cycling, swimming or running, the employees at Euro Pool Group pushed their sporting performances to the limits to collect donations totalling € 40,000 euros. Not for their own benefit, but all for the good of children worldwide who are exploited or run the risk of being taken advantage of.

The donation was made possible by 198 employees in 18 offices in 11 countries. Together they managed to reach a total of 211 024 kilometres. This equals more than 5 times around the Earth.

Today the founding fathers of the initiative, Bartolomé Saro and Juan Pablo Ducos de Launou, presented a cheque on behalf of the Group to a grateful Sander Hanenberg, who accepted the donation on behalf of charity Terre des Hommes.

Bartolomé Saro: “We specifically chose Terre des Hommes as we fully endorse their mission.” Terre des Hommes prevents child exploitation, removes children from exploitative situations and ensures these children can develop themselves in a safe environment.

"We are extremely thankful for this wonderful donation of € 40,000 and feel honoured that Euro Pool Group selected Terre des Hommes as the beneficiary. We are currently campaigning to stop child labour in mica mines in India. Thanks to your financial support we can stop child labour in two villages and offer the children education so they can improve their futures."

Euro Pool Group Challenge is a sports initiative that was started up a few years ago in the Spanish branch of Euro Pool Group and has expanded over the European network over time. Growing numbers of Euro Pool Group employees participate in this initiative each year. A dedicated website allows the participants to monitor the progress of their sporting activities.