Maintenance Engineer


Manage the day-to-day service and maintenance, including (spare) parts for the technical installations in the assigned organizational unit. Contribute to technical projects and optimize work methods, efficiency and technical processes by sharing technical knowledge with the purpose to enable the end users to work with quality and safe installations in a healthy work environment with minimum disturbance of the daily operations.


1. Maintenance planning
Execute and develop maintenance planning, including availability and buying of spare parts and propose improvements that can be made in the technical installations with the purpose to ensure well performing technical installations at the lowest costs.

Core activities:
• Plans and follows up regular maintenance.
• Maintains and advices the management on budgets for maintenance and services.
• Follows up on repairs done on the installations.
• Buys (spare) parts and negotiates with suppliers of (spare) parts to guarantee quality and the lowest costs.

2. Optimise work methods and processes
Contribute to the optimizing of the daily operations in depots by coordinating the service and maintenance of the technical installations with the purpose to have optimal up time and quality output on short and long term.

Core activities:
• Analyze work methods and propose improvements.
• Make recommendations for improvements in the installations.
• Execute and assist with the installation up-grades.
• Coordinate problem solving in case of calamities.
• Start up the technical service department in new depots.

3. Engineering and Development Projects
Contribute to engineering and development projects with technical knowledge of the daily operations with the purpose to improve and/or maintain the technical installations and products.

Core activities:
• Participate in projects concerning new technical installations and/or optimizing technical installations.
• Assist in commissioning and the start up of the systems.
• Gather relevant information about the needs of the customers and users for technical installations and products.
• Advise and assist with technical knowledge on maintenance of technical installations and products.


• Maintenance budget.
• Uptime of the installation.
• KPI’s.
• Quality output.


• Bachelor’s degree in engineering.
• 2-3 years of experience in maintenance engineering.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills in Dutch and English.


• Planning and organizing
• Decisiveness
• Flexibility

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