Returnable packaging partners are a conscious choice for a sustainable future

October 30, 2017, Rijswijk, The Netherlands - Two divisions, each with the same year of birth, are sharing the expertise in the area of packaging pooling. EPS has become the standard packaging in the European chain for fresh and packaged foods with its reusable and folding trays. LPR has taken a leading position in the FMCG sector with its innovative pallet pooling system. By exchanging knowledge, experiences and ideas with each other and with their customers, EPS and LPR create space for innovation and synergy throughout the entire supply chain. Both divisions want to thank their customers for their confidence and collaboration in the past 25 years.

“Our story began in 1992, when three packaging pools, part of the cooperative auction houses in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, put an end to the logistics impasse of inefficiency in the packaging of fresh produce. They collaborated on this and devised a standard form of packaging for fruits and vegetables”, explains Dirk Vercammen, the Regional Director Western Europe of Euro Pool System.

At the end of 2011 Euro Pool System acquired LPR, thus enlarging the range of products and logistical services offered to its retail customers. "LPR is currently recognized as a major pallet-pooling specialist by the leaders of the FMCG sector. We obtained our position through a lot of hard work, trust and loyalty of our customers, our strict quality requirements, and especially through the daily commitment of our people", says Xavier Goube, Managing Director of LPR.

Euro Pool Group
Whilst the companies continue to operate as two divisions of the Euro Pool Group, the resources of both are combined, creating a synergy for the benefit of their customers.
With customers in 35 countries and over 150 service centres, millions of trays and pallets circulate through the chain, making sure the (fresh) food produce is delivered to the grocery stores with a minimum product damage. This results in a turnover of more than 500 million euro in 2016, achieved by a workforce of approximately 1000 people. “We are proud of our history, our products, our achievements, and our loyal and committed team. We are happy that we can help our partners to improve the sustainability of the fresh food supply chain. Choosing for returnable packaging implies a conscious choice for a sustainable supply chain.” says Gerjo Scheringa, the CEO of Euro Pool Group.

And the future?
There is still plenty of room to grow and Euro Pool System and LPR are determined to stay on the rising line. “We have developed a product and system that is future proof. Both divisions are based on a ’circular economy’ approach. Sustainability is our core business. Therefore, we believe that an increasing number of stakeholders will join our pooling formula, reducing the CO₂ emission, preventing food waste and creating a better world for the next generation. Our goals are set and we are ready for the future”, sums up Gerjo Scheringa.

Key events in the history of EPS and LPR

1992 Euro Pool System (EPS) founded in Benelux and Germany by auction
  La Palette Rouge (LPR) founded in Toulouse
1997 EPS designs the folding tray (up to 86% less volume when folded)
1997-2017   EPS trays become a favorite across Europe and beyond. Opening of subsidiaries in Spain, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Greece, Hungary, Poland and Denmark
  LPR develops business in Europe with the opening of subsidiaries in Benelux, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Poland
2011 EPS acquires the French based pallet pooling company LPR
2017 EPS is proud to be a market leader in Europe with a turnover of 322 million euro a year and over one billion circulations in 30 countries
  LPR reaches a turnover of approximately 200 million euro a year and 80 million circulations in 14 countries

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