Semi automatic sorting dirty trays

During 2013 and 2014 we had to manually sort more than 30 million trays to meet the demand for specific tray types when our stock reduced below critical stock levels  during the summer period. In order to get our throughput costs under control we implemented solutions to reduce the manual sorting process to the minimum level as possible. Limiting the sorting costs has been defined a clear goal for 2015.

In order to reach this goal, two main actions were taken. First, we increased our unsorted washing capacity in Germany (Mutterstadt, Bornheim, Hannover). Second, we installed modular semi automatic sorters for dirty trays in our depot in Magdeburg, just before the peak in the season started.

The sorter is very compact, allowing to install it in small locations, and its technology is very user friendly. With this semi automatic solution we have sorted more than a million trays per month during July and August 2015.