Smart Return Logistics

Making sure you are in control of your return flows

Managing returnable packaging gets more and more difficult with an increasing amount of trays and tray types. Floor space, sorting efforts and manual registration make the organisation and administration needlessly complex.

Smart Return Logistics makes sure you are always in control of your return logistics.
We make your returns visible at shop level at any time in the whole return flow.


How it works


Every retail store places a unique label on their load carrier of unsorted used trays, making the trays identifiable at any time in the return flow.

Both at the shop & distribution centre of the retailer and at the Euro Pool service centre the load carriers are registered thanks to the unique label. At the Euro Pool service centre every load carrier with trays is scanned, identifying any tray present on the load carrier.


You can track any and all your returned trays in our cloud based reporting system. You can also generate detailed reports with this system.

The benefits

Less manual labor since tray sorting is no longer necessary.
All Euro Pool tray types and colors can be placed on one load carrier and returned to EPS, making manual sorting unnecessary.

Less storage space needed because all tray types can be mixed on one load carrier.
Instead of storing all different trays on individual load carriers, you can fill one load carrier with all tray types and send it back to EPS.

No manual administration needed to control your return flow.
With the advanced technology of Smart Return Logistics, we offer a cloud based system to register all your return flows automatically.

Detailed reports and overviews to support your administration.
In our cloud based system you can track your returns and generate detailed reports, making the returned trays visible at shop level.