We share the same spirit, and both have a fighter’s mentality

Molina Alvaro

Country Manager
Euro Pool System
United Kingdom

I needed a new challenge, and I told everyone about it. Then last year, an opportunity came up at Euro Pool System (EPS). I accepted immediately. I worked at LPR in Spain for 16 years, so it’s nice to be familiar with the inner workings of both companies. Our Birmingham office is even on the same floor as LPR. A fortunate coincidence.

I arrived in the UK with certain prejudices. I thought the English looked down on everyone, for instance. But I discovered quite quickly that this wasn’t the case at all. Everyone’s been extremely helpful — colleagues, clients and retailers alike.

I think it’s always worth remembering that while everyone might have their own way of working, the differences or cultural barriers won’t matter if you all approach the work with certain basic qualities. These, in my opinion, are: flexibility, respect for others, and ambition. Remember this and you’ll get along just fine.

We’ve been operating in the UK for about 6 years now, but there’s so much yet to do. The room for expansion is enormous. Luckily for me, I worked on several projects with our UK colleagues when I was at LPR, so I’m familiar with the market. My goal is to grow the UK operation till it’s comparable in size with the others.

My greatest challenge right now is growing my team. There are only five us at the moment, but we’re going to get a lot bigger. Another challenge is integrating our operation into the network of retailers and clients to such a degree that we become indispensable. That’s what I did in Spain, and I’m fairly certain that I can do it again, particularly now that I’m more experienced.

Because I’m familiar with both LPR and EPS, the fact of our 25 years of existence has an extra significance for me. We share the same spirit, and both have a fighter’s mentality. We’re both still hungry for growth. We’re big, but still entrepreneurial, and young at heart.