You never walk alone

Kevin de Backer

Logistics manager
Euro Pool System

They told me it was a dynamic company when I came for my first chat a couple of years ago, and they weren’t lying. There’s a liveliness to the place, which I like. But in the end what swung it for me were the people. Everyone seemed enthusiastic and down to earth; I’m particularly struck by the latter. There’s no stuffiness to speak of here, and everyone has both feet on the ground. That lets me feel at ease.

The last two years were hectic. A bunch of new depots opened in our region, so our workload shot up. It was quite a task ensuring the new projects got the attention they needed while staying on top of daily operations at the same time. I sometimes wondered how we were going to manage it all, and on a couple of occasions I was worried that we might not, but it also gave me a buzz. I look back on it now as a particularly instructive experience, and I’m proud that we managed to get through it together as a team.

Experiences like these let you know you can rely on your colleagues, and that song ‘You never walk alone’ really captures this feeling. No one leaves you to just sort things out on your own here. Whatever help you need, you get. And I don’t just mean a word or two of encouragement, but practical help. Support from colleagues certainly isn’t something you can take for granted everywhere.

Humour helps, in this respect. You need to lighten the mood sometimes, when things get stressful. It helps you to cope better. Luckily, people get that here.

What’s piqued my curiosity? Well, I’d really love to be able to follow a crate along its entire journey, and see what happens to it from the moment it leaves our depot to the moment it returns — a day in the life of a crate. A crate is a basic-looking object, but I’m sure its journey is more fascinating than you’d imagine. Things like these don’t even cross your mind until you work at a place like this.