In Germany we address everyone with ‘Sie’, the formal ‘you’, but at EPS we’re all on a first-name basis

Nicole Cordier
Asset manager
Euro Pool System


My job is anything but boring. I can rarely predict how the day is going to unfold. I’m the head of my team and support five people in the field. I try to make their job easier by making the conditions in which they work as pleasant as possible. I’m also there to lend an ear when necessary. The rest of my day is typically packed to bursting with discussions with people from other departments. There’s always something new to deal with, and that’s one of the reasons I like my job.

I like the people in my team; I call them ‘my lads’ — I’m the only woman in the team. They’re unfailingly polite on the job, and I always try to put a smile on their faces. I think being in a good mood is just as important as doing the job itself. It’s these less tangible things that really make me look forward to the week. 

It’s nice to work in an informal company. In Germany we address everyone with ‘Sie’, the formal ‘you’, but at EPS we’re all on a first-name basis — the country manager is just Kurt, not ‘Mr Jäger’. That makes it a lot easier to just talk to people. My manager doesn’t get upset if I talk to the managing director, for instance, whose door is almost always open. Informality lets you get things done quickly. 

I like the fact that people are always willing to give you whatever support you need. I’ve met no one here who isn’t like that. The sharing of ideas and information seems to be an intrinsic part of the company culture. It makes work a lot easier.

Most amusing observation? Almost no one here is a native English speaker. So we all speak a sort of composite English. Sometimes you’ll even hear someone say something in their own language, but with an English pronunciation. That’s always funny. It's nice to see how language can bring people together.

And of course the trays connect us all.  Our standard one in Germany is shiny and has a lovely green colour — looks really nice when loaded with fruit and vegetables. The fact that some people find alternative uses for our crates is something of a compliment, I think.