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Euro Pool System and Bekuplast win the 2018 Pro-K award in Germany

Annemieke van der Heijde Publié le 15 January 2018

The Pro-K award is a unique initiative from the German plastic industry established since 1979 to encourage designers to send in new innovations exclusively made from plastic. The banana tray has been developed in close cooperation with Bekuplast and Euro Pool System. The jury highly valued the “practical protective characteristics of the Euro Pool System banana tray and the smart sliding system which safeguards the product while the trays are being stacked”.


The banana tray is the latest edition of the EPS tray portfolio and offers maximum protection to the bananas with its smooth inner surface and advanced sliding system. The strong outer frame and perfect stacking characteristics make it ideal for fully automated order-picking-systems. It is the first tray with the same flexible properties as cardboard packaging, but folding and reusable. The tray is composed of poly ethylene (PE), partly polyamide with reinforced glass fibre (PA-GF). Euro Pool System is the market leader in returnable packaging for the fresh supply chain in Europe. The reusable and folding trays have become the standard in the chain for fresh and packaged food.


Comments on picture above: the Euro Pool System team proudly show the Pro K Award they collected last Thursday in Frankfurt. (from left to right) Kurt Jäger (regional director Central Europe); Arthur van de Knaap (project engineer); Bartolomé Saro (regional director Southern Europe)

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