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Euro Pool System participates in the European Project IOF2020

Robert Reiche Publié le 1 August 2018

The internet of things (IoT) has revolutionary potential. A smart web of sensors, actuators, cameras, robots, drones and other connected devices allows for an unprecedented level of control and automated decision-making in agricultural production, logistics and food production. The project Internet of Food & Farm 2020 (IoF2020) explores the potential of IoT-technologies for the European food and farming industry.

The goal is ambitious: to make precision farming, smart logistics and food production a reality and to take a vital step towards a more sustainable food value chain. With the help of IoT technologies higher yields and better quality produce are within reach. Pesticide and fertilizer use will drop and overall efficiency is optimized. IoT technologies also enable better traceability of food, leading to increased food safety. IoF2020 is part of Horizon 2020 Industrial Leadership and supported by the European Commission with a budget of EUR 30 million. The budget is split between 76 companies, which realise 19 use-cases. These use cases are organised around five sectors (arable, dairy, fruits, meat and vegetables) and develop, test and demonstrate IoT technologies in an operational farm environment all over Europe.


Euro Pool System is engaged as leader for the “smart fruit logistics” use case in which we want to test Internet of Things technologies and their impact on the food value chain. Our use case is supported by NXP, Mieloo & Alexander, ATB Bremen and GS1 Germany. The objective is to develop and test technologies in combination with our trays in field test. The project is in the first stage following a research driven approach in which all 76 companies collaborate to solve the present technical and organisational problems of Internet of Things. The project also addresses questions regarding maturity, data privacy, security and applicability. This unique project is a great opportunity to gain new knowledge about future technologies in the industry and retail world, which we serve with our trays.

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