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Euro Pool System unfolds a world of circular value

Annemieke van der Heijde Publié le 11 February 2020

Berlin, 29 January- Euro Pool System will be launching a new campaign ‘Unfold a world of circular value’ at Fruit Logistica 2020. As a leading logistics service provider, Euro Pool System demonstrates how its pool system adds circular value, ensures maximum efficiency and prevents waste. This has been the guiding principle behind the current circular innovations since the establishment of Euro Pool System.

Unfold a world of circular value

Euro Pool System is convinced that sustainability and efficiency in the fresh supply chain go hand in hand. This was, and still is, the primary motivation behind the creation of circular innovations, which, first and foremost, optimise the fresh chain while reducing CO2 emissions. These innovations range from customised packaging solutions to increasing the sustainability of transport, including the CoolRail initiative. CoolRail was started in 2019 on the initiative of Euro Pool System in collaboration with partners in the fresh supply chain.  Three times a week, this temperature-controlled train transports fresh produce between Valencia and Rotterdam and delivers a significant CO2 reduction of 70% -90%.  This is how the pooling organisation, with its partners, is unfolding a world of circular value.

Unfold a world of maximum efficiency

The advanced pooling system is also taking efficiency to a higher level, complete with packaging solutions and logistics services from Euro Pool System in 30 European countries that provide a full-service package to parties active in the fresh supply chain. The system is fully dedicated to reuse, reducing transport distances and optimising loading capacity. At Fruit Logistica, the experts at Euro Pool System will unfold their strategies to explain how partners can outsource their entire return logistics flow and save on handling, transport and storage costs.

Unfold a world of waste reduction

The experts will also show how the pool system reduces waste in the supply chain. The sturdy trays can be reused for more than seven years, eliminating the need for single use packaging. In addition, the robust design combined with the hygienic washing process prevents damage to the produce and losses. For example, a study by the German Fraunhofer Institute concluded that single use transport packaging results in a 4.2% loss of produce in the fresh chain while reusable plastic transport packaging results in a loss of just 0.1%.

New optimised logo

At Fruit Logistica 2020, Euro Pool System will not only be unfolding the benefits of the circular system, but also presenting its stand and optimised logo. This new design reflects the circular philosophy of the company. Visitors are welcome to visit our stand A-14 in Hall 20.

Euro Pool System, together towards a circular supply chain

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