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Euro Pool Group is strengthening the circular economy

Annemieke van der Heijde gepubliceerd op 1 januari 2019

Twenty per cent less CO2 emissions per rotation in 2025. This goal is set by Euro Pool Group, Europe's largest logistics service provider. It fits in with the tradition of the pooling organisation, which with its reusable packaging has been contributing already for 25 years to strengthening the circular economy.

This circular economy offers a solution for global challenges such as scarcity of resources and climate change. The products and services of Euro Pool Group, of which Euro Pool System and LPR are part, provide the immediate response to these challenges. Since reusable packaging and pallets result in lower CO2 emissions in the fresh food chain, last for years and are recycled 100%.

Yet it does not stop here for Euro Pool Group. The ambitious goal of twenty per cent less CO2 emissions in 2025 as compared to 2017 testifies to this. With this, Euro Pool Group contributes to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), formulated by the United Nations.

More sustainable transport

The sustainability report "Together towards a circular economy", indicates how Euro Pool Group intends to achieve this goal. In the first place, the group is targeting its efforts at making transport more sustainable. By making better use of existing flows, the number of transport kilometres will be reduced. This takes place in close cooperation with retailers and other customers.

Secondly, Euro Pool System is working on the design of thinner trays with the same functionality, which will also contribute to more efficient transport. A pilot with Cool Rail, the refrigerated transport by rail between Spain and Northern Europe, also contributes to lowering CO2 emissions

Together with our partners

Euro Pool Group is not alone in strengthening the circular economy. It works closely with partners in the fresh food chain, with sustainability also high on their agenda. An example is Spanish company Ebaki, which produces PEFC-certified wooden pallets for LPR. Euro Pool System is joining forces with Colruyt Group, the retail chain in Belgium, France and Luxembourg, to reduce the number of transport kilometres. This way employees, suppliers and customers throughout Europe work together on an efficient, sustainable and circular food chain.

Gold medal

Our LPR daughter also contributes to these ambitious goals in many ways. In 2010 LPR was the first pallet pooling organisation that was certified for PEFCTM, THE quality mark for sustainable forest management. The company also encourages pallet manufacturers and sawmills to get certified as well. In 2010 the percentage of pallets with that quality mark was 22%, in 2017 it rose to 74%. The ambition is to produce 100% PEFCTM-certified wood by 2025.

LPR has also signed an agreement for the reforestation of fifteen hectares per year together with the "Plantons pour l'avenir" [Lets plant for the future] association in France. For three years in a row now, EcoVadis, the international platform for sustainability, has awarded LPR a gold medal for these efforts.

Read more about the ambitions of Euro Pool Group in "Together towards a circular economy" in our Sustainability Report.

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