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Police seize stolen fresh food trays

Annemieke van der Heijde Data publikacji 1 September 2018

Rijswijk, 3 September 2018 - Following recent thefts of Euro Pool System fresh food trays, the police have raided various locations where suspicious batches of trays have been found. The police also carried out arrests and started criminal proceedings against suspects.

As well as cooperating with the police, Euro Pool System has been working for a long time, with insurers, to combat the theft of the fresh food trays that are used, amongst other things, for fruit and vegetables. Euro Pool System has, for example, further tightened up the return policy for its trays. The company has also set up a special team in collaboration with the police and legal advisers, that can monitor the usage, return patterns and the origins of trays. Consequently, the team can identify suspect situations and parties, and then report them directly to the police. In recent months, the police have carried out raids in the Netherlands and Belgium and have thus solved a number of thefts.

Euro Pool System is also investing in the traceability of the fresh food trays. The company can now track the routes of trays with increasing accuracy,  so that suspicious activity and routes, are identified. This has led to encouraging results in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Tips to prevent theft

Euro Pool System, owner of the fresh food trays, calls on users of the trays to take measures to prevent theft:

  • Always place reusable fresh food trays on the company premises under lock and key
  • Return the fresh food trays to Euro Pool System as soon as possible after use
  • In case of tray theft, report to the police
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