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About Euro Pool Group in 2022

Euro Pool Group is the leading logistics service provider of reusable standard packaging in Europe. By sharing the benefits of our reusable packaging solutions with our customers and partners, we are contributing to the transition towards a circular economy. Every day, producers, transporters, processing companies and retailers enjoy the efficiency and the environmental benefits of our reusable trays and pallets. Our two divisions: Euro Pool System trays (EPS) and La Palette Rouge pallets (LPR) offer optimal reliability, sustainability, and efficiency in the fresh and fast-moving consumer goods supply chains.

Our EPS division provides reusable packaging and logistics services to customers throughout the European retail supply chain. Our customers include industry leaders in retail, growing, and food processing. With 77 service centres spread across 19 countries, we can offer our services to 27 countries in Europe. At EPS, we service Europe's producers of fresh products, including fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and convenience meals, as well as their retail partners. Our goal is to provide support to this dynamic industry.

Our LPR division specialises in fully outsourced pallet-pooling services for the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector throughout Europe. We proudly serve blue-chip food and beverage producers who ship their products in large quantities. Our vast network includes 138 service centres and over 32,000 collection points in 17 countries throughout Central and Western Europe. LPR works with manufacturers and distributors in the FMCG sector across Europe and is committed to providing the highest level of support possible.

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Euro Pool Group’s headquarters are in Rijswijk, the Netherlands. The group is managed by a Management Board and a Supervisory Board, a so-called two-tier board of governance. The Supervisory Board has installed an Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee, and a Remuneration & Nomination Committee. The Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee reviews the annual financial reporting, the risk management, and the compliance of the group. The Supervisory Board provides oversight to ensure effective management. The shareholders’ meeting takes place in the first half of the year, and in 2022, it took place in March. The shareholders’ meeting approved the financial statements as well as the distribution of dividends. Euro Pool Group has experienced a growth trend for many years. Its turnover increased from €722 million to €796 million, a rise of 10% in 2022. Sustainability strategy and decisions are approved by the Management Board. In its decision-making process, it carefully balances the impact on both economic, environmental and social factors and recognises that decisions have an impact beyond the organisation. Euro Pool Group strives to make responsible choices that benefit its stakeholders and society.

About this report

Euro Pool System International BV is based in Rijswijk and is known as Euro Pool Group. Euro Pool Group has written this sustainability report for all its stakeholders and the report-writing process involved the collaboration of a diverse group of internal stakeholders. All data presented in this report is based solely on Euro Pool Group’s achievements within its own operations and in collaboration with other value chain parties. The report covers the reporting period of 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022 and is a consolidated report of the divisions Euro Pool System (EPS) and La Palette Rouge (LPR).

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Our people are the key assets of our business. We are committed to providing training and development opportunities to strengthen our teams in all regions. We take measures across the organisation to contribute to the health and safety of our employees.

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We set the ambition to reduce the carbon footprint for each rotation of our trays and pallets by 20% by 2025, in comparison to the baseline in 2017. To achieve this goal, we are committed to strategic projects that focus on optimising logistics, green energy and our reusable carriers.

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Innovation and partnering with customers are key to driving circularity in the supply chain further. Together with our partners, we are constantly working on innovations and deploying new tools and technologies such as the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and other traceability tools.

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