Blue rigid trays – exceptionally strong standard packaging

Our blue rigid trays have been a success in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg fresh supply chain since 1992. They are exceptionally strong and stable, therefore especially suitable for order picking, stacking or the presentation of products. The rigid tray is obtainable only in blue and in four sizes: H (high), M (medium), L (low) and T (tomato)

Benefits of our blue rigid trays

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Product protection

Our trays withstand heavy loads better than single-use packaging. Their sturdy character makes sure no products get lost or damaged, preventing unnecessary food waste.

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Easy handling for efficient order picking

Due to their strong and stable character, they are easy to handle and suitable for rapid order picking.

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Sustainable, reusable packing

Our reusable trays are made of high-quality HDPE plastic and are 100% recyclable, meaning you have no waste of packaging materials.

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Product presentation

Our rigid trays are very stable and therefore perfect for presenting your products in your shops

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