Fish trays – the intelligent packaging for frozen fish and seafood

The fish tray from Euro Pool System was, at the time of its introduction in 2011, the first reusable packaging for fresh fish and shellfish in Europe. The tray was developed in close collaboration with European retailers and packers, and therefore offers numerous intelligent and efficiency-enhancing advantages. Our fish trays are available in three sizes.

Benefits of our fish trays

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Unique reusable fish tray for European retailers and packers

Our fish trays are suitable for frozen contents, as well as fish and seafood kept on ice. Drainage holes prevent melted ice from leaking into other trays.

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Easy handling and order picking

Excellent for use in automated systems. Furthermore, our fish trays have also special surfaces for stickers.

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Stackable (also on each other) and nestable

Next to being stackable, our fish trays are ‘nestable’, which means it is possible to place an empty tray inside of another. This reduces your packaging volume by 64% when stored and transported – significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

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Safety and hygiene

We ensure the highest standard of hygiene; our reusable fish trays are washed with disinfectant detergent. Our washing facilities are cleaned before and after the washing of fish trays, and the washing process is daily monitored, also by accredited laboratories.

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