Red meat trays – optimal handling and visibility of your packaged meat products

Our meat trays are ideal for transporting and presenting packaged meat. Thanks to the unique front and side opening the products are easily accessible and visible. As with all packaging from Euro Pool System, the meat tray is washed according to strict requirements and is perfectly stackable with our other trays. The meat tray is available in one size.

Benefits of our red meat trays

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Perfect for European retailers and packers

Our red meat trays are a unique reusable tray for the wholesale packaging of packed meat. Moreover, our folding trays can carry up to 20 kg of packaged meat.

Suitable for high and low temperatures
Suitable for high and low temperatures

Our reusable meat packaging trays withstand temperatures from -20°C to 40°C.

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Safety and hygiene

Our meat trays have a closed base to prevent fluids from leaking meat packaging contaminating food in other stacked trays. Before reuse, we make sure all trays are washed according to the highest standards to ensure optimal hygiene.

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Extremely low height when folded

When folded, our meat trays are only 6 cm thick resulting in a volume reduction of 74% on return trips, significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

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Easy handling and visibility of the product

Unique openings on the front and side allow easy handling. Furthermore, the trays allow you to present products in a uniform way as unique front and side openings make the products more easily accessible and visible.

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Product protection

Our trays are very sturdy, providing your products with optimal protection during transportation to prevent unnecessary food waste.

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