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New: Sustainability Report 2022

We've launched our new Sustainability Report!

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Unfold the world of circular packaging

Euro Pool System is the leading logistics provider of reusable packaging in the European fresh supply chain. With our reusable, folding trays, we not only optimise your supply chain, but also build a sustainable future.

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Efficient logistics

Our standard packaging makes it possible to automate logistics processes throughout the entire supply chain. Moreover, our folding trays ensure maximum efficiency as they take up 86% less volume on return trips.

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Quality, safety and Hygiene

At the end of each rotation, our trays are thoroughly cleaned according to a strict washing regime. This ensures a consistent source of clean trays that comply with the highest quality and hygiene requirements.

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Product protection

Our reusable trays are very sturdy and provide your product with optimal protection during transportation. This means considerably less product loss compared to single-use alternatives.

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Our local presence means we are always close to you. Due to large logistics networks, we can connect with partners throughout Europe.

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Our reusable plastic trays have an average lifespan of more than seven years, and are therefore much more durable than single-use alternatives.

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Towards a sustainable supply chain — together

Our services reduce your carbon footprint considerably. With our reusable and folding trays, logistics services and efficient use of resources, we help you achieve your sustainability goals. Discover what impact you can make.

By working together we want to achieve our goal to reduce our carbon footprint with 20% per movement in 2025, compared to 2017.

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Our pooling solutions

Euro Pool System provides a unique combination of logistics services and reusable packaging within Europe, based on rental and return

Service centre
Euro Pool System service centre

We offer a fully outsourced pooling service that ensures that you always receive the right trays in perfect condition, from a wide range of service centres located throughout Europe.

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Integrated service centre

We offer the possibility to integrate our service centre activities into your distribution centres, meaning trays will return directly to you. This integration makes your supply chain more efficient and eliminates unnecessary transport kilometres, reducing a considerable amount of CO2.

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Reverse logistics distributions centre

We manage your entire supply chain from start to finish, and back again by reusing, recycling and managing all returnable transport items directly from your distribution centres.

Ready to rethink your supply chain and work towards a circular economy?

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