Towards a circular supply chain — together

At Euro Pool System, circularity is at the heart of our activities. By providing you with our reusable trays, we not only help you reduce your carbon footprint, but also contribute to the transition to a circular economy.

Enhance circularity with our sustainable, reusable trays

It is our mission to create value by driving efficiency in the fresh supply chain together with our suppliers, customers and partners. By working together, we want to achieve our goal to reduce our carbon footprint by 20% per tray movement in 2025, compared to 2017.

Transport model 1

Transport model

We organise optimal return systems to our service centres, making use of empty return-trucks as much as possible. This reduces empty trucks kilometres and transportation costs. Our trays are thin and foldable, allowing each truck to carry more trays and less air, and therefore reducing total CO2 emissions.

Resource efficiency & optimal design 2

Resource efficiency & optimal design

Our trays are made of HDPE virgin plastic to ensure a long lifetime and high-quality endurance. Together with suppliers, we constantly innovate to improve functionality and robustness, and explore the use of bioplastics. As a result, our folding trays withstand heavy loads better than single-use packaging, avoiding unnecessary food waste.

Less co2 truck 3

Carbon footprint reduction

It is our ambition to reduce our carbon footprint by 20% per movement by 2025. We aim to realise this by managing truck fulfilment, using local suppliers, utilise the same carrier for inbound and outbound shipments, applying alternative transport such as rail, and other initiatives.

Reuse 4


Our trays are reusable and make multiple rotations a year. Returned trays are checked, washed, sorted and is needed repaired before a new rotation. Our trays have an average lifespan of more than 7 years, and we monitor them until their end-of-life. Trays that are no longer repairable, are recycled for other purposes.

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Our people are the key assets to our business. To drive our circular ambition and stimulate personal growth, we are committed to provide training and development opportunities. We also encourage community involvement, volunteering and support initiatives from our employees.

Sustainability in motion

Sustainability in motion

Our services reduce your carbon footprint considerably. With our reusable and folding trays, logistics services and efficient use of resources, we help you achieve your sustainability goals. Discover what impact you can make.

By working together we want to achieve our goal to reduce our carbon footprint with 20% per movement in 2025, compared to 2017.

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Next to investing in more efficient transport, we are also investing in new forms of transportation. In 2019 we launched CoolRail, a refrigerated rail service from Spain to the Netherlands for the transport of fresh fruit and vegetables. The first CoolRail train provides a connection between Valencia and Rotterdam. Compared to conventional trucks, CoolRail reduces 70% to 90% CO2 emissions and also contributes to the shift from road to rail transport to unburden the road network.

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