Energy efficiency

Energy-efficient equipment

Our goal is to have energy-efficient centrifuges installed at all depots by 2025. In 2021, the EPS depots in Mutterstadt, Munich (Germany) and Lisbon (Portugal) were equipped with stacked centrifuges.

With this technology, we saved 25% of energy in the total washing process compared to using conventional blowers. Annually, this reduces the electricity consumption by about 640 MWh per depot. This is an ongoing transition, and these energy-efficient centrifuges are installed at locations that occupy two or more lines. 

For some depots the most advanced type of centrifuges have been installed. These models also save about 25% of energy in the washing process of trays. In addition, we will continue the development of such new centrifuges. We will also continue to install label-removal equipment that is much more energy-efficient than the old high-pressure sections.

LED lighting

We have been installing LED lighting at new depots and warehouses, and we have been replacing regular lighting with LED lighting at existing locations.

LED light saves 70% of energy compared to conventional lighting. In the region of Central Eastern Europe (including Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia) all depots are equipped with LED lighting, in the region West Europe almost all depots use LED lighting, and in the region South Europe about 80% of the depots use LED lighting. The transition in Central Europe (including Denmark, Finland, Germany, and Norway) is ongoing.

In addition, we have been implementing movement sensors to avoid unnecessary lighting in our depots, and this has already started in Central Eastern Europe. We want to make use of daylight as much as possible, so the LED lighting can be switched off when there is sufficient luminosity from natural light. In 2022, we will further explore this.