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Together, we find the best solution for your logistics operations.

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We offer much more than just a pooling solution.

We help you with your whole supply chain. With our additional services, you can tailor your distribution flows to your specific needs.

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Return logistics

Combine your return streams for maximum efficiency. We offer the possibility to outsource your entire logistics with us – reducing significant costs in labour, transport, and storage space. Our return logistics include a wide range of services. Aside from trays, we also collect other (packaging) materials such as plastic, pallets, displays and unsold products from your supermarkets.



Do you have any specific needs or requirements? We collaborate to tailor our services and trays to integrate with your logistics operations to deliver value for your business. Our customised approach can be focused on setting up the mechanisation of order picking, track and trace applications and even developing custom trays for specific retail chains.

"Naturally it makes more sense to have our service provider on our own grounds instead of transporting the trays back and forth through Europe."


Ole Thomsen

Director of Logistics at Rema 1000

Rema 1000

Building a Danish tray washing facility with Rema 1000

Every year Rema 1000 uses around 16 million green trays for transporting fresh fruit and vegetables to their 300+ stores around Denmark.

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How we support your supply chain management process:

Our pooling solutions ensure that customers always receive our trays in perfect condition.

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