Spotlight: Jacek Paluchowski, site manager at Gliwice, EPS Poland

“As the site manager at Gliwice, I make sure that all daily operations run smoothly and that we maintain a good work ethic and team spirit. At the depot in Gliwice, we comply with the international BRC standard on food safety, and we are working towards ISO 9001 certification. In Poland the interest for our reusable trays is growing, driven by sustainability benefits and rising cardboard prices.” 

Reusable packaging has an enormous potential to reduce CO2 emissions in the supply chain. In addition, food losses are reduced because less food is damaged and trays look better on the shelf than cardboard. The purpose of Euro Pool System is ‘Maximising Circular Value’ and in my work I contribute to this every day. In the collaboration with our partners and clients, adding value is key. Our business model is built on reusable packaging, and we share the benefits of this with our clients. Next to that, we go the extra mile to develop the best client solutions by being flexible and creative.

For example, last year we engaged in a pilot with a retailer to test the transition from cardboard to reusable trays. The pilot was challenging, as we only had one month to set everything up while this usually takes much longer. This required great flexibility from our team and much thinking outside the box. For instance, instead of waiting for the delayed delivery of IT equipment, I decided to drive there myself to pick up the materials.

Confronted with network issues in one of the depots, I purchased SIM cards from different service providers and tested them on site to choose the cards with the best network coverage. Sometimes the simpler solution is the best solution. It is always fun and challenging to come up with new ideas to improve existing procedures. Resourcefulness is definitely the core value at EPS that I identify with the most!

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“Sometimes the simpler solution is the best solution.”
Jacek Paluchowski, site manager at Gliwice, EPS Poland
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Spotlight: Maritza Sanchez Arias, SHEQ coordinator at LPR Spain

“In my role as SHEQ coordinator, I ensure that LPR Spain and its suppliers comply with all the rules and regulations related to safety, health, environment and quality. I make sure that all SHEQ training is in line with the latest regulations, and all the required certifications are in place.” 

Sustainability is part of LPR’s identity, and it is inherent to the long lifetime of our pallets. Our purpose ‘Working together towards a sustainable supply chain’ is something that I contribute to every working day. By involving our suppliers, we take action together to achieve our sustainability goals and to create more impact in our value chain. This is why we don’t only audit our suppliers, but also train them, so that we grow together. For example, in 2021 we relaunched the ‘Lean&Green’ programme in Spain. In this programme we actively work together with transport partners to structurally reduce CO2 emissions in our logistics.

Last year I also worked together with our suppliers to improve ISPM15 management. ISPM15 is a key regulation to our business; it requires heat treatment of pallets to prevent the spread of diseases and insects that could be harmful to plants or ecosystems. We got all suppliers to align with the Ministry, a result that I am really pleased about. To achieve sustainability, we cannot lose focus: we need to have a balance between environmental, social and economic sustainability.

I am proud to work for a company that offers equal opportunities; at LPR great work is valued whatever your background, gender or profile. My promotion to SHEQ coordinator was a great recognition of my work. It showed me that I could grow within the company and it has been a great motivation to keep working hard and to keep learning. 

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"We cannot lose focus: we need to have a balance between environmental, social and economic sustainability. We need to involve our suppliers because we cannot achieve our goals alone."

Maritza Sanchez Arias,
SHEQ coordinator at LPR Spain