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At EPS we are constantly working towards finding innovative solutions for our clients. Smart Return Logistics (SRL) is the new standard at EPS. SRL offers solutions for the optimal management of reusable packaging, from traceability to return logistics. Packaging can be returned without sorting and is equipped with a unique return label. These labels are scanned in the counting and identification of pallets, and their location is registered.

All data of the returned trays are stored in our cloud platform and are accessible online for our clients. This gives them full insight into their return flow. Moreover, it makes storage, sorting and classification of unsorted packaging more efficient and less complex.

We are now further developing digital solutions for the supply chain of fresh fruit and vegetables. The data captured from digitalisation can help us to further drive efficiency in the supply chain. Next to this, we continue to develop IT solutions, for example by using sensors to monitor the temperature and other conditions in trays that carry fresh fruit and vegetables. These data can be used to predict the product’s freshness.

This increases efficiency in the supply chain and helps to further limit food loss. With these projects we will further optimise the circularity of our supply chain and respond to the increasingly sustainability requirements of our


"Digital solutions provide significant sustainability benefits for our clients, not only in optimising logistics but also in reducing food waste."

Michiel van den Berge, Manager Digital Innovation at EPS


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Innovation at LPR

Rassan Benhacene, Supply Chain Manager at LPR

Tracking our pallets is crucial in our business. It helps us to optimise flows and to reduce not only transport movements and related emissions, but also the loss of pallets.

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In 2021, one of our pilot projects used IT devices to identify the origin of pallet loss in certain flows. These devices must be able to endure extreme conditions as well as resist high and low temperature and humidity. We have a great deal of in-house knowledge on this topic at Euro Pool Group. This is why LPR joined forces with EPS to develop innovative IT solutions.

An interesting development could be to use image analysis on pallets to check them for defects once they are back at the warehouse. By automatising the check process, we could reduce physically intense labour. We are therefore looking at a wide range of solutions to optimise flows, reduce transport movements and enhance traceability. For LPR it is key to pilot these innovations and to work with our partners, so that these innovations can be deployed at an industrial scale in the future. We need to ensure that our customers are on board to bring innovation that can really make a difference.

Rassan EPS LPR

"We need to ensure that customers are on board to bring innovation that can really make a difference."

Rassan Benhacene, Supply Chain Manager at LPR



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EPS is a partner in the Dutch Hyperloop programme that explores the realisation of a pan-European emission-free hyperloop network for cargo.

Such a network would make it possible to transport goods over the ground at the speed of a plane.

In 2021, a study was carried out to explore possibilities and preconditions. The next step is setting up a test track in Groningen in the Netherlands.