Pooling features

Our pooling solutions offer additional features to enable you to further optimise your distribution flows.

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Get full control over your distribution flows

With our pooling features, we support you in optimising your fresh supply chain and efficiency even further. 


Smart Return Logistics (SRL)

Managing returnable packaging becomes more and more difficult with an increasing amount of trays and tray types. Smart return logistics makes sure you are always in control of your return logistics, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your automated storage and retrieval system. Unique labels on your load allow you to keep an accurate administration of it at any time in the return flow.

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Automated order picking

Quicker handling and fewer errors. Due to our standardised packaging, we make it possible to automate your handling and picking processes. Euro Pool System rents out fully automatic order pickers that ensure rapid handling, lower throughput times and fewer errors in your fresh supply chain. This will lower your costs by a significant percentage.

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Digital services

Obtain full insight in your packaging flow, logistics and automated systems. Our digital portal allows you to order trays, and get more insights in availability and estimated delivery dates as well as financial information. By linking your ERP-system to ours with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), you can enter orders the way you are used to, flawless and efficiently.

“Euro Pool System handed us a great solution on a circular platter, contributing to our carbon footprint reduction goals and also improving the quality of our delivery.”


Pooling System at Tesco saves money and planet

Tesco engages in many initiatives limiting carbon footprint and fighting food waste. Therefore cooperation with Euro Pool System was a logical step.

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Get full control over your distribution flows

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