About Euro Pool System

Euro Pool System, the leading logistics service provider for reusable standard packaging in the European fresh supply chain.


Key figures Euro Pool System 2020

With our innovative pooling system, our reusable trays have become the standard in the supply chain for fresh and packaged food.

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Our European network

71 service centres in 18 countries, and service provision in 27 countries

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More than 700 professionals working every day to provide you with the highest quality service

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1 288 million tray movements

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425 million Euros

Mission & Vision

Euro Pool System is determined to drive efficiency in the most sustainable way, together with producers, transporters, processing companies and retailers. Our relentless pursuit of a better way drives efficiencies that benefit all. We are constantly working towards further standardisation and integration of our solutions within the logistics processes of our customers. By continuously seeking to understand what matters most, we deliver sustainable solutions that can be depended upon to maximise circular value.


Safety, Health, Environment and Quality

We maintain high standards with regard to Occupational Health, Safety and Environment, and comply with the highest quality hygiene and safety standards in every step of the fresh supply chain following the demands of our customers.

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Euro Pool Group

Together with La Palette Rouge (LPR), Euro Pool System is part of the Euro Pool Group (EPG). EPG is Europe’s leading company for returnable and reusable standard packaging. Each and every day, producers, transporters, processing companies and retailers benefit from the advantages of reusable trays and pallets. By exchanging knowledge, experiences and ideas with each other and with our customers, we create space for innovation and synergy throughout the entire chain.


Careers at Euro Pool System

In a constantly evolving sector, Euro Pool System is continuously searching for ambitious candidates. We believe that by investing in people, we are investing in the future of our company.

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Management team

Gerjo Scheringa
Gerjo Scheringa

CEO Euro Pool Group

Frank van Gorp-3062
Frank van Gorp

Operations & Supply Chain Director

Caspar van der Meer-
Caspar van der Meer

Finance Director

Dirk Vercammen
Dirk Vercammen

Regional Manager West (Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom)

Kurt Jager
Kurt Jäger

Regional Manager Central (Germany, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland)

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Bartolomé Saro

Regional Manager South (Spain, Portugal, Greece, Croatia and Italy)

Andrej Palic
Andrej Palič

Regional Manager CEE (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria)