Be inspired by our customer case studies

Discover how Euro Pool System has successfully deployed its solutions for its customers by examining a number of inspiring case studies.

Eroski moves towards automatic order picking

The Spanish supermarket chain Eroski has a strong commitment to efficient logistics. In the past five years that has led to a 30% reduction in transport kilometres, quicker throughput of products, a 15% saving on labour costs, fewer errors and better product quality. “Euro Pool System has built us a bridge to knowledge,” says Logistics Director of Distribution Centres (DC) Imanol Alberdi Uria.

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Aviko moves towards sustainable logistics

As a world player in the potato processing industry, Aviko has sustainability high on the agenda. From the logistics point of view this involves an increasing use of returnable packaging. In 2009 Aviko switched to using Euro Pool System foldable containers for part of its fresh chip transport. “Major clients do not want packaging waste.”

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Opdag hvordan Euro Pool System succesfuldt har tilvejebragt sine løsninger til sine kunder ved at analysere et antal inspirerende casestudier.