These innovations increase the sustainability of the circular system

A smart tray that collects data. Recycling trays into trays. Less water in the washing process: all examples of innovations that can increase the sustainability and efficiency of Euro Pool System's circular pooling system.



Smart tray

Euro Pool System is currently developing and testing a smart tray. This tray is equipped with an invisible sensor that collects data during the transport in the fresh supply chain, for example about the temperature and location. By utilising this data, the service provider can boost the efficiency of the logistics process. See how it works.

Zero waste

The sturdy trays are reused hundreds of times. At the end of their lifetime, a recycling company grinds this high-quality HDPE into granules, creating a raw material that can be reused for new products. Euro Pool System is investigating ways of being able to use this granulate indefinitely, paving the way for recycling old trays into new ones. This innovation will close the circular system completely. This way we can move forward to achieving zero waste.

Less water

Euro Pool System implements innovations to continuously optimise the washing process. The objective is to reduce the use of water, energy and detergent. The Belgian service centre in Zellik is the first to use the technique of purification and reuse of water in the washing process. This reduces water consumption by 70%.

Would you like to learn more about these or other sustainable innovations, such as the CoolRail service between Valencia and Rotterdam or the complete return logistics process? You are very welcome at the Euro Pool System stand (Hall 20, A-14) at Fruit Logistica 2020.